1 CAC 2 res. CAC 1 BOB

DK Staff´s Black Hole Sun

Born: 2011-03-08

Albert was a result between Oscellsie Devils Sun & Zican’s KC-Cee and he was actually sold. When the couple should come and get him, they didn´t and we were actually really happy for that, as we could see he grew into a fine young staff male.

Albert is a really sweet and calm Staff boy and he doesn’t do anything wrong at all.  A true gentleman  by nature.

Albert is, like his father, a bully built Staff Bull, with a correct height 38,5 cm, correct full bite, strong bone, very straight topline, correct tailset and like his father wonderful movements. We like his classic headpiece and not least his very shiny black brindle colour.

Albert has been shown a few times and has already in a young age of 14 months won 1 CAC, 2 res. CAC and 1 BOB. We have very high expectations for this young boy and he is in our breeding plans for the future as he is also very healthy.

Albert is HD A/A ED 0/1, and L2-HGA clear by birth

Oscellsie Devils Sun

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Pennsmith Master Billy Boy

Colliermans Maid In Yorkshire

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Zican´s KC-Cee

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