Dk Ly Ch SlY Ch EJW-10 Slovenien Junior Specialty Winner 2010
Rostock Sieger 11

Lost In The Wind of Morningsky

Born: 2009-06-04

Ella is one of those pleasant surprises that just gives you more sunny days.

Tonny and I were going to the famous Morningsky Kennel in Germany to visit Elke & Alfons Spinnrock and to pick up a puppy; Song Of Mary Of Morningsky. When we arrived Elke came out with this gorgeous black female just 14 months old and we both just fell in love with her. When we went through her on the table, we knew that we couldn’t drive back home without her and we are so grateful that Elke and Alfons trusted us this wonderful lady Ella. We promised Elke and Alfons that we would do the best with her and on her first show in Luxembourg, she went BOS and Luxembourg Junior Champion. She has already won 5 CACs in Denmark but is too young to become a champion in our country. She also won the European Junior Winner 2010 in Slovenia and I am sure many more titles are to come.

Ella has a wonderful size with a very feminine headpiece. Her topline is world class and so is her coat. Wonderful front and angulations and she moves effortless. Her father Showstopper Of Morningsky, is a brother to Shades Of Gold Of Morningsky, who is Monty and Jazzy’s sire.

She is very gentle by nature and so easy to have. She has a wonderful character.

Ella will be campaigned in 2011 together with Svedske.

Showstopper of Morningsky Int De VDH Ch
Oracle Of Fire Of Morningsky

Crash's Thunder Of Wild Orchids

What A Feeling Of Morningsky
Lu De VDH Ch
Thundersound Of Morningsky
Chasing Shadow of Morningsky

Wemoway The Dazzler
Touch Of Love of morningsky Ch
Thunderstorm of Morningsky
Chasing Shadow of Morningsky

Wemoway the Dazzler
Here’s Pandora of Morningsky
Marc Mortimer of Morningsky
La Cenerentola of Morningsky