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Skyewalker's Gentle Gemma

Born: 2002-07-11

Gemma is a litter sister to Gwen and together they are like water and fire. As active Gwen is, as cool and calm is Gemma.

Gemma was just the puppy that never was sold, so she stayed of course. While Gwen was maturing and showing herself as a future star, Gemma was more sort of an ugly duckling. But when Gwen finished her Championship 18 mths old I brought Gemma with me too on shows and just 3 shows after she was Danish Champion. And then she really bloomed and soon she won BOB, BIG & BIS.

She is the first Danish Bred Skye that won a group on an International Show in Sweden.

Gemma is long, low and level. She is like her sister crème with black points and has the same qualities like her sister.

Unfortunately Gemma had a serious infection in her uterus as nearly 4 years old and that was a matter of life or death. But again Gemma's coolness hit us and despite what the vets told us, she survived. Therefore she never had a litter. But we have a very happy and fat Gemma walking among us today and that we are grateful for. I clip her down 3 times a year and she loves it.


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