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Skyewalker's Groovy Gwen

Born: 2002-07-11

Gwen is a result from my golden girl Always Again Of The Isle Of Skye and Sacre Attivo De La Parole De Bohemel, a WW male from Belgium and a son of my Multich. Skyewalker's Cool Corona that managed to become both Terrier Of The Year # 3 and Senior Of The Year # 1 and Veteran Of The Year # 1. 2 mths before Corona died as 12 years old he managed to become BIS 1 veteran and also that year he went Veteran Of The Year of all Terriers.

So it was so to speak in Gwen's history to become a Champion. And that she did! Also she made a super prestigious win back at WDS Dortmund in an age of 10 mths old not only to win the JWW 03 but also as the first Skye ever to win BOS in such a young age on a WDS. Later on she went Skye Of The Year in Denmark as well won several BOBs all over Europe as well as BIG & BIS.

Gwen was a very active puppy always on the run, especially after flies and birds! She is also very outgoing.

She is a smaller Skye with a wonderful head and small ears. Her front, neck and fore chest is top quality and she is very low and level. Her movements are like a train. She is hard to stop. She has a very nice heavy crème coat with black points.

Her first litter was with Multich. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker and what a litter! We got 3 superstars. Multich Skyewalker's I Have A Dream, Multich Skyewalker's I Like It Like That & Ch Skyewalker’s I Speed At Night.

Her second litter was with Multich Shades Of Gold Of Morningsky and again, what a litter! We got 2 superstars. Multich Skyewalker’s Jumpin' Jack Flash & Multich Skyewalker’s Jazzy Jazz.

Her third litter was with Multich Skyeomanias Enwau and again, what a litter! The puppies has just begun their career but they are just as promising as the first 2 litters.

Today Gwen is enjoying her life as family Skye in our place, a little too fat but very content with life. She deserves it.


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