Danskots Carte Blanche

Born: 2006-02-11

I have known Lillian Lleton kennel Danskot for 22 years. She is to me a best friend, a mentor and I have so much respect for her knowledge in Terriers, which is understandable considering all the prestigious wins she have had in decades.

I have always used Lillian’s males for studs over those 18 years I have been in Westies. And one day she called me and offered me Joy. The day after Tonny picked her up and from that moment her name was Joy. We have never ever seen a more happy and joyful Westie like her.

I did though have a struggle with her the first year. She didnīt want to walk in a lead and therefore I first showed her around 18 mths which she did excellent. Besides being happy she is very stubborn.

Joy is a smaller bitch of cobby type. Wonderful head and excellent shoulders. She is very short and has a perfect coat. She moves well. Her character is as described, very joyful and never ever having a bad day. This she also gives on to her puppies.


Se Dk Ch
Zeus Adamas
Se Dk Ch
Zeus Attikos

Zeus Asklipios

Zeus Akropolis

Zeus Alithia

Primos Question Mark

Zeus Akropolis

Danskots Date Line

Havasu High Exposure

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Havasu Honesty

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