Skyroll's Carrera

Born: 2006-05-13


Kakki was a male that I originally didn´t plan to get. I owned his father Multich. Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker, “DJ” and he was asked for stud of the Swedish breeder Maggan Poser from Skyroll´s Kennel. She had this beautiful crème female Ch. Skyroll´s Bonita I have seen on Swedish Shows. So these 2 Skyes had a huge litter on 11 wonderful puppies, where more of them have become Champions all over the world.

Maggan emailed pictures of the puppies and every time my eyes just caught this huge wonderful Skye puppy with loving eyes and then one day we decided to get him!

This we have never ever regretted even though Kakki never got his second ear up. So with one drop ear and one prick ear, Kakki is our highly loved and treasured pet dog! He is everywhere we are. In my shop, in our bed, in our couch… always so wise and gentle. He is our love. That’s it!

We clip him down twice a year, which he enjoys.

Kakki will never be shown neither used for breeding.

Int Se Dk Lu Nl Ch
Gleanntan Grand Musicmaker
Gleanntan Greatxplorer
Mariquita Flashxlusive
Gleanntan Great Day Q´Pataway
Sonsie Aida
Gleanntan Great Gatsby II
Skylight Afrodite
Se Ch
Skyroll's Bonita
Se No Dk Ch
Skyeomanis Enwau
Skyeomania´s Cymberline
First Lady Fifi Z Nory Susla
Se Ch
Skyroll's Anais-Anais
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