DKCH KLBCH JWW10 Neumunster Jugendsieger-10
Top Staffordshire # 3 2010 & # 4 2011

Zican's Kc-Cee

Born: 2009-01-02

L2-HGA clear

KC was just about 10 weeks old when we picked her up from the world famous am staff breeder Zican, in Stockholm. And again it was a bit of coincidence. We were on a dog show in Gothenburg, Sweden and we spoke with Patrik as always, as we know him long time back. He told us that he just got a nice litter of Staffies and he knew we were interested in a female. When the puppies were 6 weeks old, Patrik e-mailed us pictures of them and we thought that KC stood out from the rest.

On KCís first show as a baby puppy, she went Best in Show puppy and then we knew something special was waiting for her. She was a bit slow matured, so her next show was the World Dog Show in Bratislava, October 2009. She was among the final six junior females, only nine months old. Again we kept her home, but from March 2010 she was campaigned and won five CACs before she was old enough to become champion.

She managed to win the breed a couple of times, as well as BOS. Her masterpiece was at the age of 15 months, when she became Junior World Winner as well as BOS at the World Show! What a win for this stunning young girl.

She was Top Staffie number 3 in 2010, only 22 months old and we know there is more to come. First she is going to have a litter though.

KC has a very feminine headpiece with great earset. Her front is fantastic and we can say the same about her neck, shoulders and top line as well as her hind angulations. Her movements are always praised and then she has this very beautiful deep red mahogany brindle color.

Her character is all what you can wish for. So happy, sweet and gentle. A perfect dog for every home.

She is also very healthy: hips A/B elbows 0/0

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