Skyewalker's I Feel For you

Born: 2005-06-20

Lotte is a litter sister to the famous I-litter and was my pick. I thought she was the best Skye I had ever bred. And she is, though she has a wrong bite. This is something that can happen when you breed dogs.

Lotte was developing like her mother, always very outgoing and looking stunning. 12 weeks old our dogs were poisoned by stupid people and she almost died.

Lotte was as a puppy very fragile and I believe she only survived because of her very strong mind and love to life. So despite all that fluid and blood she lost she came back to life. Tonny walked around with her in his arms like a baby, to take care. She had a drop in her leg with fluid all the time to compensate for the massive loss of the same. Today we believe that helped her and even though she had a faulty bite we just couldn´t give her away.

Lotte is probably the most clever Skye I have bred. Always thinking of doing new troubles. She also is very active and when you see her run over the fields it is unbelievable fast. I think she has a dream of becoming a Greyhound!

I clip her down 3 times a year as she will never go to shows and she enjoys it.


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