Neumunster Sieger-12

Skyewalker's Long Tall Sally

Born: 2009-11-27


Sally is a litter sister to Skyewalker’s Low Rider aka Simon.

Sally is my female keeper from this litter, though they all were of a very high quality. I would have loved to keep them all.

Sally is a slow matured Skye youngster, but I have very high hopes for her and I believe she will do like her aunt Gemma did. She needs time, but for now she has what I like about a Skye. She is very long and low and level. She has a feminine head and very nice and elegant neck and topline. She moves very easy and she is very bright cream.

She is Tonny’s little princess and they have a special bond. She follows him everywhere, like his own shadow and sleeps on his pillow at night.

I am looking forward to campaign this wonderful girl in 2011.

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