Europa Jugend Sieger -11
Rostock Sieger 11 Groupwinner

Skyewalker's Low Rider

Born: 2009-11-27

Simon is a result from the last breeding from our Multich Skyewalker´s Groovy Gwen and Multich Skyeomanias Enwau. And what a result!

Enwau is owned by Maggan who also bred Kakki, and he is bred by Otto Kcral kennel Skyeomania. I have seen Enwau several times at shows in Sweden and Denmark and not least also some of his progeny like Ter-Abyrex Quiscent Skye. So I asked both owner and breeder of Enwau if it was possible using him for stud and so we did.

So Gwen’s final breeding took place in September 2009. 14 days before she had to deliver we went for a International Dog Show in Belgium and the day after we got home, one by one our dogs got very very sick with bad stomach. We isolated Gwen in hope she wouldn´t catch this infection, as most of our dogs had vet treatments. Unfortunately 2 days before giving birth she got it and almost died on us. We had to treat her with strong medicaments which resulted in 2 dead puppies during birth. 6 survived but the puppies also got the infections and we lost one more. Simon was the only male left and he was really sick. Every day for 2 weeks the vets were here and we treated it. When the litter was around 5 weeks old I was more dead than alive to fight for this litter. Simon was so sick in the end that the vets gave up on him. But with help from our sponsor Eukanuba and the vet William Bredal Norway and our vet Thomas we saved Simon, a fighter by heart.

Today he is a very strong builded young male with lots a body and sweet mind. We have so high hopes for this young male who has the best front we have ever bred and seen in Skyes. He is long, low and level with a fantastic top line and super movements. We believe that he will be our next top winning Skye.

Simon is co-owned with Anna Andersen.


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