3 CAC, 1 res-CAC, 3 BOB, group & BIS placements Crufts qualified 2013

DK Staff´s Sun Of A Gun

Born: 2011-03-08

Teddy is a full brother to Albert and he was also for sale, like his brother, but no one  wanted to buy him. We wanted him sold as he in an age of 4 months only had one testicle and that wasn’t useful for either a show nor stud dog. So the day when the other one fell down, we were so happy as we had the feeling he could be the new top winning dog in our team and in a very young age he has proven that!

Teddy is 39 cm and a very strong, though game built dog. He is already now so full of muscles and with his correct body, strong level topline and correct tailset, as well as amazing movements and very pleasing headpiece, he will do great in the show ring. And he already has!

Teddy is the active brother, very outgoing and with lots of power that we like. At the age of 14 months he already have two CAC, 1 res-CAC, as well as two BOBs and both group and BIS placements. Because of his wonderful body and movements, as well as perfect health he will be an active part of our future breeding plans.

HD A/A ED 0/0 and L2-HGA clear by birth

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